Terra Productions

We have found that every video shoot is creative in its own way. Being a videographer requires a passion that few people possess, and we are passionate about making videos! Our desire is to capture every moment, and create something amazing that you can relive over and over again. Whether it be an engagement or a wedding, we strive to commemorate your special day through our videos.


Chris Thomas

I grew up in Shawnee, Oklahoma and started shooting videos with my brother at the age of 13. By the age of 18, I took my passion to learn more about video editing and broadcasting by getting a job in the industry. I have moved positions with the company and am now a videographer with them. People ask me what I do in my free time when I am not at work, and I tell them that I create videos. Shooting and editing videos is something that is quite special to me. There is something magical about taking a blank screen and turning it into a video that gives me chills when I re-watch it.


Nicole Thomas

My whole life I have loved art. Any kind you could think of! I used to draw all the time when I was little, and that grew into me attending college and going into an art degree program. I’ve taken classes on ceramics, watercolor, theatre, and of course drawing. I even make my own clothes! I plan on attending a culinary school so that I can learn more about the art of food, but until then I am living life to the fullest with my best friend (and husband) Chris!